»ªÑÐȺÐÇ 比較美好的世界 LYRICS

總該想一些方法、讓人們能繼Ń 96;相愛
我們到這個世界上來不是來互İ 56;傷害
把笑聲還給哭泣、把擁抱還給Ħ 68;疑
把光還給暗、甜還給苦、安慰ű 96;給恐懼
毎顆心温度熱一些、冰冷的就ć 71;融解
我們可以給彼此一個比較温暖į 40; 比較美好的世界
一定有甚麼辦法讓明天還值得ć 99;待
不能幫太陽爬升上來、至少幫Ç 68;朵花開
把眼睛還給眺望、把天空還給Ň 09;膀
路還給勇敢、海還給船、小孩ű 96;給夢想
毎雙手付出多一些、不變的就ć 71;改變
下一次我們再見、約在比較快ď 38;的 比較美好的世界
愛能夠慢慢地完美、這個人間į 40;殘缺
下一次我們再見、約在比較和ñ 79;的 比較美好的世界


There must be some way, to let people love one another

We didn't come to this world to cause harm to each other

Bring sounds of laughter to the cries of sobbing, Bring warm hugs to those in doubt

Shine light into the world of darkness, bring sweetness to bitterness, and give care to fears

Warm every single heart, melt those that are cold

We can give everybody a warmth and more wonderful world to live in

There must be someway for us to anticipate the tomorrow

Since there is no way we can move the sun, why not help the flowers bloom

Give sight to those who are down, give the sky to those who live in sadness

Bring roads to bravery, water to sea, and children to hopes and dreams

Things that unchanged, will change just by the help of a pair of hands

The next time we meet, we will be in a more fast-paced and more wonderful world

Love can make the world a better place, it can reduce hatred and pain

The next time we meet, meet in a more peaceful, more wonderful world