Roll Your Arms, roll your arms and just put em rotation
Roll Your Arms, roll your arms and just put em rotation
Roll Your Arms, roll your arms and just put em rotation
Slide, thats right and snap yo fingers like the temptations [[x3]

I hit the club fresh im still in my white tee
see the hoes lookin, im like oh i think they like me
im laid back chillen, fittin to roll me a blunt of dro
waitress being a b****, im bout ta supa man that ho
im throwin money on the floor in the club run the show
eyes red, eyes low, my chain & wrist glow
some hoes run up say they wanna see a n**** dance
but no i really cant I got ? in my hands
im in the middle of the floor watching erbody ?
unk sayin walk it out, huey sayin pop n lock
from white tee to lean and rock everytime the beat drop
for the money i can get jiggy in them reeboxs
bet i can get it jumpin rotate mo wrist
people dont dance no more, in the club all they do is this
bounce, bounce, move b**** move,
i two step in 500 dollar shoes


Hey, I crunk it up, plus i came in
watch me do my thang, i put new diamonds in my chain then move to the left then move to the right
I got honeys jockin them honeys so my swagger game right
she rotatin them arms, and poppin them fingers
im poppin these bottles, plus got her poppin daminer
you know, we do it how we sposed to,
stuntin n ballin, you only doin what them hoes do

I hit the club stuntin, chain game stupid
in the middle of the floor, dancin next to the groupies
now you can roll your arms and just put em in rotation now lean and rock and slow it up and do the matrix
the purples what im blazin, purple pants everywhere
a fight broke out, just seen shells thrown everywhere
blood scheme everywhere, but we still chillen
i order up the goose and give my dance still sippin'