[DJ Paul]
The most dangerous posse song ever
It's going down, Hypnotize Camp Posse
You did this n****, s*** talkin
You wanna talk about something n****
Talk about how many hoes, clothes and bank rolls we got
Who we got in here: Juicy J, Lil Wyte, Frayser Boy, Crunchy Black
Lord Infamous and me DJ Paul the King of Memphis

[Juicy J]
n**** we some maniacs, f***in up our brainiacs
Breakin down some dope, wit a razor boy remember that
Crop a mix with Smilax
Take a gun and c*** it back
Now I'm bout to blow my brains out cause I don't give a s***
Hope you give a n**** reason to want ya
The bigger gun the better
The more s*** you talk, the more blood the sweata'
The plane crashes, the devil, the anthrax, the letters
Forgot about the peddlers, we still in it together

[Crunchy Black]
Let me introduce myself, my f***in n****
I'ma be the one to pull that f***in trigga
I'ma be the one that's sent to f***in getcha
You better watch out cause I'll paint a picture
A pretty little picture now how a n**** getcha
Lock you in the trunk and take care of my business
Paul and Juicy sent me so you know it's big business
C.B. n**** aint leavin no witness

[DJ Paul]
Yeah, make me a believer n****
Make some s*** this bumpin you f***in wannabes, Lord roll!

[Lord Infamous]
I am the predator you are the prey
You play the target, Lord play the gage
You play b****es and I mack hoes
You run from n****z, I find the snub nose
I come from 3 6 picture platinum clique
And you can't sell three copies of your s***
You smoke garbage weed, and cheap packs a blow
You own a vehicle, pick up the Scarecrow

[Frayser Boy]
Frayser Boy, c***in toy, yall don't wanna f*** with me
Infared got ya scared, in protective custody
The Unbreakables, the most hateable, the unescapeables
Time to bust a n**** head, we aren't hesitateable
Ya chest pumped out, mouth talking that s***
Im from the Bay, ima show you how a n**** beat a b****
Time to damage s***, no understandin this, you know you scandalous
HCP blowin your lights out like a candle b****

[Lil Wyte]
Well I'm about to rich rip a hole in the industry
Holdin my energy
Wasn't about to let it but you had to come testin me
Givin you one warning change your name before I get your crunk
Lyrically copyrighted all my s*** and plus I'll f*** you up
You don't want to have to cross the path a killers when you on the streets
HCP got WYT to the E and that's just how it be
Quit ya muthaf***in hatin playin all your petty games
If you wanted to ride my nuts that bad you shouldve asked me man

[DJ Paul]
You muthaf***as wanted a war b**** then ima bring it on
Catch you in these f***in streets boy and ima point the chrome
Put you in the f***in car hoe, and we gon take you home
To hell with all that cryin now n**** we gonna get it on
Beat you with that yawk dead center across your damn dome
The way you ran your mouth, you shouldve known to have the f***in tone
Beggin from beginning, man winnin cause our camp is strong
The same way your skull started dentin cause we beat it long
You n****z swear you have the right plan but you had the wrong mans
Tryin to build a clique like the hypnotize camp
Im knowin it wouldn't work so I just sit back
And watch how the trains just runs off the track
Cause it be to many loses, to many boses
Too many n****z that's wantin they own office
You n****z gotta realize who got the city owned
Three Six f***in Mafia not these damn hoes