I've only got one real fan
She is not woman she is not man
shes got her own coat of arms
and a tartan of her own clan
her clan surpasses beauty
always love and never duty

A beauty that feels so alien to this land
these feelings should be sensored
they should be banned
but when you put a p*** star in these hands
im a six month old
with the keys to his own pram
youve got the straight to play the fool
miss out nursery miss out school

You give the bullet train option
to this old abandoned tram
how do you make so special
look like dross

how do you make expensive
look budget cost
if its power to the workers
then you are the boss

you make bluebells look like moss
gave a second coat to gloss
make lennons little ono
look like doss

if prostitution was not illegal
youd make cheap sex look so regal
you make the hottesat little joint in town
look like frost

the famous they get stalkers
they get pests
but id rather get a bullet
right through my chest
cos what lennon could amagine
was not you just a fraction
and all half hearted get is second best