(Verse 1)
What? Is that you got to say?
What?What? You're rubbing me the wrong way.
See your lips moving
But I don't catch a word you say
Shut up your chatter
I need for you to go away

And all i hear is ay ya ya ya ya
Your talking way to much
I cant even hear me now
All your noise is messin' with my head
you're in my head
Get outta my head
outta my outta my head
Want you out of my head
outta my outta my head
That's what I said

(verse 2 )
What?You lookin' at me for?
Show me respect or I will show you the door
get out that door
Lately i've got a problem with the way that you behave
you're to much
and all your questions don't leave me no time for me, ha ha ha

(chorus x2)

All your opinions, keep them to yourself
Just let me think so I can hear myself
Wouldn't it be nice if I could just go solo, take the day off?
I'd be alright if you would leave me to it, back out the door
Ay ya ya ya ya
You're talking way too much
You tell me one more time how I should live
I swear I'll bite your head off
I am who I am And I can't be no one else
You got nothing left to say
Keep your comments to yourself

(chorus )