[50 Cent]
Yeah, I stay with my ratchet n****
Go 'head and talk bad n****
You best be on your best behavior out this motherf***er!
Ha ha

[Chorus: 50 - singing]
I stay gangsta'd up, n****z ain't got s*** on me
Annnnnd, I stay wit my gat, in case I gotta pop somebody
Geeee-Unit clique, you're blind if you can't see
That weeeee run the streets, n**** you better ask somebody

[Tony Yayo]
I got a rifle with a scope in the trunk of the Viper
So I shoot off the roof like the D.C. sniper
I just bought a bezel, and a brand new piece
And a level two vest and a brand new piece
See y'all hip-hop n****z don't want no beef
Y'all get shot and rat to the hip-hop police
n**** two guns up, I run up in your label
Why your guns in the house like a couch potato?


[Lloyd Banks]
These hoes want me to stop, but this is the worst part
I was born with this game like birthmarks
I don't trip, but I'ma get a little watch from my modelin chick
Cause she spent a lot of time on my d***
I get a new fan every single time that I spit
Gray & blue Benz, lovin every diamond I get
Fast and fury in the Rang Rove' cause my bread folds
Beef I hit your neck and turn your jewelry into red gold


[50 Cent]
I'm from the bottom man n****z know I came up hard
I got a temper man I'm looking for some s*** to start
Man my tax bracket change, I'm sittin on some change
The hoes man they changed they don't treat me the same
It's not my looks that's got me all up in them drawers
It's the new M3 with the Lamborghini doors
Man them D's they done turned them dogs into dopefiends
Smell a leak in my clothes so they barkin at me - WHOA!!

Yeah, that's gon' have to be good enough
I lost a friend tonight
Jam Master Jay... rest in peace
I send my love to his family
50 Cent y'all


G-Unit, God's Plan!
Damn... {*gunshot*}