(Chorus) 2x

G-Unit in tha House (wut n**** wut)
G-Unit in tha House (wut wut wut )
G-Unit in tha House (wut n**** wut)

Tony Yayo:

In my hood u get no points for your jumpshot
as soon as the sun rise, we back on the block
this stress got me feelin like an old man
so i stay on point for that red and gold van
its the free lance performer YaYo be a pro
and the flows been hot, since G.I. Joe
yo my rhymes have you nodding, like Raw in the Street
so freaks gimme a** like toilet seats
get at me, you really think u holding big daddy?
so wheres ur in door courts, and bowling ally?
i got heart like a hoover crip,but bust
slugs like an EngleWood Blood
i mengle wit Thugs,my singles dont budge
import, export get rid of tha drugs
still pack my Dope up witta mass of some gloves
i use to have 8-balls in my 8-Ball jacket
now i dawg lex coops, like Luke in Dukes of Hazard

(chorus ) 2x

Lloyd Banks:

I put carpet Burns on these Waxters these days
'til they need bandages on they knees like Pat Ewings Legs
im always wit the biscut
only way i get blue balls, is if a b**** had blue lipstick
u broke rob more blocks
u aint gotta know how to break dance, to
whind up on a card board box
I'm Gucci down to my sock, groupies houndin da spot
different format, keep groupies round for tha cops
she'll be down for tha watch, i aint generous or courtieous
i'm running from a dirty b****, n**** you thirty-six
ya'll dont want it with tha kid at all
same s***, bigger bathrooms my n****z brall
when we come after u, it aint no graze shots
this n**** leave a HOLE in ya chest
bigger than Flava-Flave clock
you p****, i think even Pac can smell this s***
cause on the inside you softer than
a mozerella stick (b****)

(chorus) 2x

50 Cent:

I'm the leader of the New School now n**** wut!
i got a 4-4 bulldog i'll tear yo b**** a** up
i pop-off n**** front i'll put my knife in yo gut
have you in I.C.U screaming AHH! i'm cut
i go RAOW-RAOW, like a dungeon dragon
but i keep my pistol on me so my pants aint sagging
everytime i'm in the house, n****z grill a n****
but they feel a n****, i kill a n**** wut
excuse me shorty better stay in ya lane
before i send one of my soldiers to blow out ur brain
im da General (wut!) you solute me
u's a dead man if u attempt to shoot me
i done lost some of my brain watchin military flicks
got the whole G-Unit on some Military s***
(Private Banks request permission to speak)
Speak n****!
its dangerous when its decipline involve in street n****z!!

Close Chorus 2x