hey Amanda
i got something to tell you homegirl
oh yea whats that ?
I think im falling in love
whaat ? my homegirl dont fall in love
na im searious
so whats so special about this guy
..describe him to me !
haha well let me tell you


hes a handsome young man
but a straight up G
intellegent to the fullest
he attracted me
im not easy to please but he caught my eye
from the first time i saw him i cant denie
that he looks so good so fresh so hood
kacky beige pants with creeses that stood
and white t-shirt hes so confident
he was heaven sent he became my friend
the more i got to know him the more that i liked him
hes c***y like me nothing excites him
he dont settle for less hes one of a kind
good qualities in a men is hard to find
the way he carries himself and the way that he walks
hell make you fall in love BY the way that he talks
sexy little smile with some big brown eyes
he deffently stands out from the rest of the guys


damn like that
i dont think it was possible and all with your little hard a**
haha shut up were just tapin
so does he know about the way you feel
[tisk] yeea...were attracting eachother but we never talk about it
so whats the hold up than
i dont know ..i guess im afraid to mess up our friendship and rush into things


we get along so good its so hard to believe
but when we spend time he dont want me to leave
i keep him commpany im always by his side
on the days we dont kick it we just talk all night
he tells me how he feels and how his day was spent
the goods and the bads and the places he went
i dont question his buisness he tells me on his own
all the girls that he has on his celluar phone
they dont mean a thing no more than a fling
i wouldnt wanna feel that way about me
start hasatate about letting him know the way that i feel
i dont want it to ruin our friendship and love
he means alot to me he became my drug
i dont expose out there and neither does he
we both are hard headed and love to run free


you really care about this guy dont you i think you should just tell him
(phone ringss)x2
o shoot my phone can you get that please just take a message
yea dont even trip
so wassup !, so what would you tell him if he confonted you...
damn on the real i would be like


check this out baby boy got a feeling to confess your different from the rest
makes me feel blessed that way that i feel about you
is way to real , im even suprised the way that i feel
we been kicking it for a minute , but just as friends
something grew up on me hope it never ends
all this time that we spend you nevered bored me
you make me feel secure and never lonely
you give me guidance and support everytime that i need it
appreciate you much im not blind to see it
when you hold me tight it feels so damn right
confronted with a kiss we had the other night
we stared at eachother all hypnotized at the same moment i was lost in your eyes
you tell me that im special i feel the same about you
you keep it real with me ill keep it real with you


OH yea well so thats what youll tell him huh ? haha
your gonna be mad at me but...
you just did
what chu mean
you know when your phone rang well it was him
and he just heard everything you said
chalesss....no wonder why you got a smile on your face you biiitch
hahaha yea well ah you can thank me later
aw agh give my phone .aahaha..aghhh. hello ? .sh..YUP!...haha
sall good , yea it is...haha...
..well there goes my love confession