Episode 49: The quarter-finals

Tim: England are out! We lost on penalties again!

Alice: I'm gutted! I blame Rooney.

Tim: He didn't do nuffink!

Alice: How can you say that? We all saw what he did. The ref had to send him off.

Tim: I still say we was robbed. The ref was far too free and easy with that card.

Alice: You're just looking for a scapegoat.

Tim: No I'm not.

Alice: What about the manager, the skipper, the strikers? Don't you blame them?

Tim: Don't be so rational Alice. We're going back empty-handed and I can't stand it!

Alice: Oh cheer up Tim. We'll be home soon and you and Michal can commiserate with each other - England and Poland out of the World Cup again ... until next time!