Episode 46: A day at the beach

Michal: I'm so glad we decided to come to Brighton!

Helen: Yeah, so much better than going to the poxy World Cup in Germany.

Michal: Let's sit here on the beach. What a perfect spot for an ice-cream!

Helen: Oh, look at that guy over there. He looks nice ...tall and handsome.

Michal: Ahem, I thought you were here with me!

Man: Excuse me...

Helen: Oh, hello can we help you?

Man: I wonder if you could tell me where Brighton Pier is?

Michal: It's right over there!

Man: Oh, course it is, silly me. Thanks, bye.

Michal: Helen, how about that ice cream now?

Helen: Oh no! I can't find my purse!

Michal: It must have been that man!

Helen: Oi you! Stop!

Michal: I'll get him!