Episode 43: Exam revision*

Michal: Oh dear I have my exam today. I'm really worried. Helen, will you practise with me please?

Helen: You must be joking!

Michal: Alice?

Alice: Oh Michal, you know I'm just back from a night-shift. I'm exhausted, sorry.

Tim: Don't worry mate, you'll be all right. Just relax, be yourself...

Michal: But I did very bad in my practice test last week.

Helen: I told you Michal, it's important to revise for exams but you went out every night this week.

Michal: Yes I know but it's a speaking exam so I had to talk to people. Won't anyone help me? Thanks Bronka, that's a big help!

* This episode was written by Rachel, Joanna, Will and Keith, teachers at IATEFL