Episode 42: A raffle

Tim: We're on our way to Deutschland, Deutschland!

Helen: Tim, what's got into you?

Tim: The promise of two gorgeous, free world cup tickets, that's what!

Alice: That's fantastic. Can I go with you, please?

Tim: No, it's a boy thing - Michal, ready for action?

Helen: Well that's just typical! You're such a sexist, old-fashioned bore Tim. What makes you think Alice and I don't want to see the match?

Tim: Oh-oh. OK, anything to keep the peace. Sorry Michal.

Michal: Don't worry. Helen, how should we decide who goes with Tim?

Helen: Oh stop trying to get on my good side - it's not working.

Tim: Well?

Helen: There's only one fair way - a raffle.

Tim: OK everyone's name in the hat then.