Episode 33: The dripping tap

Michal: Hey Tim, what are you doing?

Tim: I'm fixing this tap. I can't put up with that drip-drip noise anymore.

Michal: Have you turned off the water?

Tim: I told you. That's what I'm working on.

Michal: I mean the main water supply? Have you cut it off?

Tim: No, I haven't. Stop worrying and let me get on with this.

Michal: I don't think you should carry on doing that!

Tim: It's okay, just one more turn of the spanner.

Michal: I really think you should stop.

Tim: Oh, go away Michal. You're putting me off. One more turn and then ... aaaaaargh! Oh no! Michal! Help! Stop the water! Aaaaaargh!