Never thought we would end like this
My tears start to fall cause you've given me your final kiss
This pain just won't go away
Cause all that I want and I need is for you to stay

Don't leave me here hanging
Baby just tell me what I'm gonna do
Please understand what I'm saying
Cause I just can't stop loving you

Suddenly you walked away from me
Is there a thing that I did wrong?
I could have shown you how much I loved you
Now I'm just sitting here singing my song
Now that I am alone, no one will hold me as close as you did
The sunshine is over and the rain starts to fall
Maybe it's time to let go of you

Could it be I'm too blind to see?
Cause here I'm close to you yet you seem so far from me
Days and night are just passing by
Still there's no call from you, baby I want to cry
Why keep on fighting when the one that you fight for is gone?
This heart keeps on aching from all of the things that you've done

All the memories and times we shared
I believe you never really cared
Don't tell me what to do
Why can't I keep myself from loving you?