Busy lets see what this inspires, from began to end i intend my entire continue to be fire, and then star steal it, when im fen to be fire see, i intend to go as quiet as an entire quire, singing higher then a man walking on a wire, electric lines im six wires higher, cant hang sneakers from me im doin my thing, and you cant see the money mister mcgwire, but you cant see the writer on his spit fire tires, r.k.f attire i recruit in this game, 1st and 15th, lord for fnf out shooting at the snakes like leather neck man, uh a ghetto boy that got etiquette, you got the game messed gotta press rest man, or you can just ask for me and ill put you up on it like channel 3, in some shanghai dunks in a camo tee, step stuttered like ca-ca-ca crambo g it was mean especially if im looking for a stream, hardly ever seen i was on the creep joe mc's aint see me like i was hidden on speak note momma said i was special but theres only one eye like a pea coat, but if i poke like moe you cant peep joe, my people start calling me neo i said nah, now its growing on me like creep show, haters want to put x's in my eyes like cars but before i let it happen i go back before the action happen with factions the want to make a model out i pull up in the coupe and get the drop up on your troops me and my hommies in the booth mister marty mcfly hardy har my army and i burn like dame pouring a bottle on a model and got sh mami in the eye to my peeps marty, benitan, my army, my mommy and my guys peace, fnf up,..................(yeah) fnf up.......... fnf agh lupe in here, i know you see me doin my thing know what im talking bout busy!!!!! righteous kung fu yeah chad, pharrell holla at me man i need one of these of my own