I'm so curious, so curious.
I'm so curious, so curious.

So here it is: my life in love,
so close to where my soul belongs.
I always believed that goals where though,
but every goal I'd reached was real,
it was enough.

Being unable to hold on to what was build-up,
just for a moment I forgot that it was all I had.
Being away from home made me realize so deep,
all I have is so precious now, I have to cherish love

I'm so curious, about your body
I'm so curous, call me that I'm coming
I'm so curious, about your lovin'
So curious, give me feel I'm running.

I'm gonna talk my mind at ease,
the higher the fly, the more I am bleat.
I wanna be where I have found my inspiration,
building the statement of that support I will achieve.

How many souls will follow mine when I am running?
I need you right beside me, come as I am longing.
Inspired by the voice, that made me what I am today,
which understand to a higher spot, there's all I'm wishing for.


I got the knowledge to forgive my crumbs of sorrow,
and left I know the way that brings me to tomorrow.
I will never feel much higher in my life again,
and your all that I am living for.
I gotta hold on to my dream.