Surveillance cameras, I.D cards,
computer files at Scotland Yard.
Neighbourhood watch, one way glass,
Is your neighbour a supergrass?
Information changing hands,
Anonymous phone lines across the land,
Report your findings to the state,
Voice your concern of it's too late.

It's getting worse

Speeding traps, parking fines,
But there's no dealers doing time.
Tax evasion, bent M.O.T's,
While paedophiles do as they please,
Around the city is a ring of steel,
Bent judges and backhand deals,
Rape 'n' murder everyday news,
Watch your T.V for the latest clues.

World in Action, News at Ten,
Mad man on the loose again,
One more step to martial law,
Or Malcolm X's civil war.
Myra Hindley wants to be free,
Another victim of Ecstacy,
A vicious circle, and endless fall,
Big Brother loves to watch you crawl.