We march at the front with our heads held high,
For our loyalty will never, ever die,
This is our brotherhood, this is our war,
We'll tear your red flag down to the floor,
We'll never sell out to the other side,
We've got too much Honour and far too much pride,
From all across the world, united as one,
Against the reds and the low-life scum.

In Dallas and Tulsa they did their best,
To put our brave warriors, put them to the test,

They took their freedom, tried to make them kneel,
But nothing could break their bonds of steel,
They shed the tears of suffering and pain,
But up from the ashes they rise again,
Confederate, Northern, Eastern too,
The Hammerskin Brotherhood - Loyal and True!

Never Surrender - Never give in!
Hammerskins Forever - Forever Hammerskins!

Onward we march to the victory day,
The Southern Cross are gonna have their say,
On Poland, Ulster and Germany,
Bohemia, Britain, Italy,
Can you hear the Nordic Thunder roar?
As we smash the red scum to the floor,
In Canada and Switzerland too,
Hammerskin Brotherhood - Loyal and True!