TOEFL Podcast #5
Registering for Classes

Female: It's such a hassle registering for these classes. On top of everything, I have to find myself an apartment.
Male: Yeah, I know what you mean. I had to wait in line for 25 minutes just to get a form to register with.
F: You mean you didn't do it online?
M: No, I didn't know you could. Did you?
F: Absolutely. It was still a hassle, but it beats standing in line. Just login with your student ID number and then use the last 4 digits of your Social Security number as a temporary password. You can reset the password once you've logged in.
M: But I'm always afraid the computer is going to screw up my schedule somehow.
F: Don't worry about it. It is not a big deal. If you get a confirmation page and print it out, you can always use that at the registrar's office to show them your correct schedule.
M: Great. I'd love to have a Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule, so I'd have Tuesdays and Thursdays to schedule my work-study a**ignment.
F: Makes sense to me. I hate having classes on Fridays, though. I end up blowing off classes more than attending them.
M: I hear you. Well, I want to go home and log in to the website, but first we need to eat. I'm starved!