OST.เคลื่อนเหงา สาวข้างบ้าน WHEN I FALL IN LOVE LYRICS

It's the coldest night, people passing by
You will be the one that light up my life
When you're close to me, make me feel alive
Like never before, when my whole world had died

* Painful memories, lonely places
I had been there a long time
Now I found you, where I belong
My whole life will never be the same

** When I fall in love with you
Anything is out of the blue
In the dark night
There'll be sunlight
And you'll be the destiny that I'm going to
When I fall in love with you
Wishing dream is forever true
Having you right here, face to face
Let nobody else comes between me and you
When I fall in love

There will be no more, no more lonely night
I'll cry out no more, love has come ease the pain
Just to touch your hands, whispering your name
I can feel no pain, feel myself breath again

[Repeat * , **]