If I could touch your heart
In so many ways
You'd still be here
Holding me close all through these years
When I'm all alone
I'm so insecure
Nothing's so sure
Wondering what's near
With all my tears
Calming my fears
'Cause I'm not here with you
Do you always feel
There's something unreal
Holding you back
All through those times that we have had
And didn't we almost know
This love wouldn't grow
How could we see who'd believe
It's just you and me
Sometimes I want to share my world
When lying here with you
But I just feel so numb
Just looking straight at you
I want to feel your touch
The passion's dead and gone
Your warmth is so naive
Who know's what's there to have?
With my closed hands I gave enough
Who knows what's there to heal?
Help me breathe cause I am drowning
How can I feel? There's so much pain
How could I hide? There's so much more
How could I see? You should've known
How could I go? You should've stayed
How could I go? How could I feel?
How could I stay?