You trap me into confusion
You give me no conclusion
So this is the end of discussion
Now im begging to myself
Now im crying to myself
Now im praying to myself
Now im saying to myself

Lets share our laughters, Lets share our tears
It's one thing that we already know
A ticket that keeps us from dying
Hold this hand forever
Don't keep me away, just don't let it go
Now its time for us to...

Sit back, hold tight, lay back, just go on
This time im moving forward leaving you behind
Sit back, hold tight, lay back, just go on
(dear trauma, you can leave me, leave me now)

Breath some air to cool down my chest
Remind me i've got my best
So let me relax & take a long rest
Pour a wine, enjoy the rhythm
The rhythm that bleeds some hope
Singing our song, just say "Wooo..."

People fail, people break
People hurt
Emptiness doesnt do any better
People wrong
People cry (people cry)
The world is too cruel to be fought alone....