Beyond the busy highway
Beyond the city strife
We highly treasure
And take great pleasure
In our plain way of life

Feudin' and fussin' and a-fightin'
Sometimes it gets to be excitin'
Don't like them ornery neighbors down by the creek
We'll be plumb out of neighbors next week

Grandma, poor ol' grandma
Why'd they have to shoot poor grandma
She lies 'neath the clover
Someone caught her bending over
Pickin' up a daisy

Feudin' and fussin' and a-fightin'
This is a wrong that needs a rightin'
Let's get that funeral service over
So then we can start in a-feudin' again

Fightin' and feudin' and a-fussin'
That's all that's goin' on with us'n
We are such neighborly people, peaceful and sweet
All except when we happen to meet

Daughter, baby daughter
Poisoned all the neighbors chickens
Daughter shouldn't oughter
Least 'till she could run like the d***ens
They hit her with a shovel

Feudin' and fightin' and a-fussin'
No use a-standin' here a-cussin'
Let's give our daughter a pistol, now that she's four
And go feudin' and fightin' some more

Feudin' a-fussin' and a-fightin'
This ain't no corner you can brighten
Polish the shootin' iron, I'm gettin' a yen
To go feudin', a-fussin', a feudin' an' a-fussin' again