Head and feet, feet and head, these are the body parts of the squid
Mantle and feet, mantle and head, these are the body parts of the squid (repeat all)
First you clean it and skin it and pound it and slice it
And all of your kids say, "Eeeooo!"
Then you bread it and fry it in garlic and butter
Just like Grandma used to do
And you tell everyone that it's calamari, and that sounds ever so fine
'Till they learn that a squid has come to the party and they refuse to dine
It's calamari, it's calamari, no longer a squid, it's calamari
Just like the pasta becomes spaghetti, now the squid she is calamari
Serve the pasta, serve the bread, serve the salad and serve the squid
Heads and feet are part of the deal, heads and feet make a very good meal
You say try it, you will like it and they find it hard to believe
So they do and they did love the body parts of the squid
Mangia pasta, mangia panne, mangia tutto il calamari,
Calamari, calamari, mangia tons of calamari