Sometime a man has to choose
And do somethinghe dosent wanna do
Do i live my life with you as my wife
Or do i go on and pursue my lifetime dream
I gotta do this for me
Cuz if i dont ill probably regret it
But if i do ill probably regret it
How do i cope

How do you cope when
The one you love is with somebody else
And theres nothin you can do about it
How do i deal with
The fact that you had a chance
But you choose to turn away for your career
I gotta take it throgh its heart breakin
Its somethin that i had to do
But nobody said that it would hurt so bad
So how do i live...and how do i deal
Without you

2nd verse
Its killing me to know
That yo heart hurts with me
But your with him cuz i chose to be
In this industry
Money shows and hoes come along with
Luxury and pain
Is all you see when you think about it
But this is the life
That i was given
So i have to live it to the fullest
But how do deal in the meantime
Without you