The ego that feeds you
Ties you up and suffocates
Your favorite little monkey
Drags you down and complicates you
Love and hate
The combination
Won't survive the separation
Soul and body co-exist
Face the antagonist

At the right place
At the right time
How does it feel

Don't take this the wrong way
But nothing is for free
It's only an illusion
So don't take this the wrong way
Don't hold it to up scrutiny
You got more than you could ask for
But none of what you need
When you stare at the sun
What do you see

The dislocation confusion
Total lack of destination
Nothing left to ask
Greed exceeds all moderation
Mind over matter
The singing lady's getting fatter
Lock the bunker
Kill the lights
Reality's kept outside

When the right price
Makes the right deal
You don't disagree
Down the wrong way
Of a one-way
Dead-end street

A million excuses to avoid compatibility
A humble disposition
Wrapped up in animosity
Suffer the dilemma
Choose involuntarily
Stare at the sun
What do you see