Remember the part in "Ghostbusters" when,
Peter Venkman said about the phantasm,
"He's an ugly little spud", and a few moments later,
He got covered in ectoplasm. [Slimer: (Slimer gibberish)]
"He slimed me" he said, with annoyance and dread,
On the floor rolling 'round in the goo.
The way I feel about that scene, within the rest of the film,
Is the same way I feel about you.

See, life's like a movie, or a comic book issue,
Or some T.V. you always record.
Some parts are painful, and others depressing,
And some parts, they just leave you bored.
But some parts are so good, that if only you could,
You'd fast-forward right there from the start.
And in the picture show that is my life,
You're my favorite part.
You're my favorite part.

I'll fight for your love, like the "Three Amigos",
When with El Guapo they did scuffle. [Three Amigos: (salute)]
You make my soul dance, just like the time Chunk
In "The Goonies" did the truffle shuffle. [Chunk: (does theTruffle Shuffle)]
My life was so blue, I felt Terminated Too.
There was nothing left for me to give. [Terminator: Hasta la vista, baby.]
I was down on the floor, when you reached out your hand, and said,
"Come with me, if you want to live."
Like "Spaceballs" I need you at ludicrous speed,
Even though that's not really smart. [Yogurt: May the Schwartz be with you!]
In the story arc that is my life,
You're my favorite part.

[Danny Vermin from "Johnny Dangerously":
You shouldn't hang me on a hook, Johnny. My father hung me on a hook once. Once!]

I'd follow you with a passion, just like "Billy Madison"
Chased an imaginary penguin. [Billy Madison: Call the zoo!]
I'm feeling so good inside, if I had the remote I'd,
Skip back and watch it again, Skip back and watch it again,
Skip back and watch it again, Skip back and watch it again...

You set my life's tempo, like when on "Wayne's World"
Garth Algar rocks out on his tom-toms. [Wayne & Garth: Schwing!]
And on Sesame Street, if I was Cookie Monster,
I'd eat you up, all like 'om-nom-nom'! [Cookie Monster: Om-nom-nom-nom-nom!]
You pulled me out of a trench, when some taunter who's French,
At my life catapulted a cow. [French Taunter: Your mother was a hamster!]
But like John Astin said, guest starring on Night Court,
"...But I'm feeling much better now."
You're my own Rosebud sled, Please be my Bill & Ted,
I'll be your Napoleon Bonaparte. [Bill & Ted: Excellent!]
In the film franchise that is my life,
You're my favorite part.

When I'm holding your hand, I'm in my own Wonderland,
You're my Alice, and I'm your Mad Hatter. [Mad Hatter: Don't let's be silly!]
If people tell us our faults, I'll quote the movie "Meatballs", and say
"It just doesn't matter, It just doesn't matter, [Campers: ...It just doesn't matter!
It just doesn't matter, It just doesn't matter!" It just doesn't matter! It just doesn't matter!]

You're my Wonder Woman, my Elasticgirl
I'm your Sideshow Bob and Quagmire. [Quagmire: Heh-heh, all right!]
This simple young Butthead has seizures like Beavis,
Because you set my heart on fire! [Beavis: FIRE! FIRE! YEAH! FIRE!][Butthead: (laughs)]
If it would make you be mine, just like in "Young Frankenstein",
'Puttin' on the Ritz!' I would holler. [Igor: Frau Blucher!] [Horse whinnys]
And when guys ogle you, I'd quote that RoboCop dude and say,
"I'd buy that for a dollar!"
Oh, this media fan was once a needier man,
'Til I found a living work of art.
In the omnibus that is my life,
You're my favorite part.

You're a Moe's Tavern prank call from Bart,
You're my favorite part. [Moe: Is there a 'Bo Nerr' here?][Bart: (laughing)]
You're a "Blazing Saddles" campfire fart,
You're my favorite part. [Sheriff: 'Scuse me while I whip this out!][Gasp!]

You're the leading lady who stole my heart...
...You're my favorite part.