Oh. My God.
Look at his crotch!
It is so big!
He looks like one of those "Drag Queen's Boyfriends".
But, you know. Who understands those drag queens?
They only talk to him because he looks like a total hustler.
I mean, his buldge is just so big!
I can't believe it's just so round!
It's just like "Out There".
I mean, gross!
Look! He's just so huge!

I like big c***s and I cannot lie!
No, nuts and I can't deny.
That when a man walks in with a buldge in his pants, it puts me in a trance.
I get hot. Wanna rip off jeans.
I'm the worst of all sized queens.
Deep in his shorts he's wearing. I'm hooked and I can't stop staring.
Oh baby, I wanna get wit' cha. And take your picture.
My sisters tried to warn me, but that rod you got makes me so horny.

Oh, uncut monster. You say you wanna get in my mouth?
Well, do me. Screw me. Come on and turn me out.
I just watched him peeing. And seeing is believing.
He's young, hung, got it goin' on. I don't care if he's dumb.
I'm tired of tiny meat. Sayin' c***tails friends are treats.
Ask the average queen, and she will scream: "He best be packing heat!".

So fellas!
Has your boyfriend got the d***?
(Hell yeah! )
Then shake it!
(Shake it! )
Shake it!
(Shake it! )
Shake that healthy prick!
Baby got front.
Baby got front.

I like 'em long, and big.
When I put on my wig. I lose control.
So stick that mammoth pole in my cake hole.
I wanna take that bone, and uh, swallow it, uh, uh.
I ain't talkin' 'bout dildos.
'Cause silicone parts are made for toys.
I want 'em real thick and juicy.
So fine, I'm on my knees, Jackie Beat's on fire.
Hot and juciy, just like Wendy's!

Alan knows on striker.
A small d***ed ugly biker.
Forget those boring hairclothes. I like my faggots, like striker.
A word to the thick, hard brothers. Forget the others. I'll kiss your mothers.
For simply giving birth to a big, fat, juicy d***, that's almost worth it's weight in gold.
You'd never get cold.
If I was your girl I'd rock your world, everytime your flag unfolds.
So whip out that schlong.
You can't go wrong. If it's long and strong. Just like this song.

So fellas!
Open up them big umbrellas!
Just zip it down and whip it out even lesbians got to shout.
Baby got front!

Yeah, baby.
When it comes to man-love.
I like latino fan club.
Big and fat.
And long and brown.
And a good, six inches around.

So your boyfriend has small feet?
Princess kinda meat?
You wanna sleep inside my cottage?
Forget Vianna Sausage.
Don't ask "Que Pasa".
Serve. Kill. Basa.
Don't stuff it with a sock.
I want a real big c***.

Now there ain't nothing sadder.
She says that it don't matter.
She's full of s*** and lying, for a big one she is dying.
So, someone said you're big. Well, I am a d***-pig.
So save it for a stupid whore. It better make my jaw sore.
To the little boys in the sauna, I really do not wanna, play with your weiner.
I have to sepina. A stud from Argentina.

Some crackhead tried to dis.
'Cause her man is on my list.
I am a piss remover, that's why my nickname's "Hoover".
So home-boys, if you got a big bone, and you wanna get sucked then pick up the phone.
Dial 1-900-Jackie-beat.
I want your meat!
Baby got front.
Baby got front.

He's dumb as dirt, but he's got a big c***.
He's ulgy as sin, but he's got a big c***.
He's semi-retarted, but he's got a big c***.
So he killed a few people, he's got a big c***!