gets dat dough
plain rose gold
why I got yo ho
dont even mention da flow
I dont even like rap
I just do it for da scraps
got chrome on my lac
toast on my lap
cruisin through the city
fox fur on my back
man you n****s is wack
plus this young money cream got me actin like dat
'cause nowadays i aint gotta package dat crack
keep ties to da streets so I aint gotta go back
certified pimp
bonafide mack
i just really fall back
i dont chase dat cat
'cause lil boo just aint no good
westside of CHI
where s*** get so hood
n**** act tough then he gon get laid down
look in my face n**** i dont play round
holla at

[Mack Maine]
Mack Maine uh
real as they come
tommy on me aint a hilfiger son
grip max da blow
pitch black da clothes
black d***ie fit
black hat
black girbauds
whip past my foes
in somethin he caint afford
nah i aint talkion bout honda accord
young money
we tour
bad b****es adore
they let us all up in the valores
they say im so hood
puff dat good good
my freaks give good head
they all got good jug
be in a black truck
hittin dat kill bill
im probly wit izzel
baby you probly wit trill real
runnin wit hotspitta
you know dat we g'd up
and hell yeah back in da g
we was reed-up
im bout have seed
gotta to raise my seed up
now all my dogs in da bing
n**** just feed up

[Lil' Wayne]
I got dat all black porsche
on dem double black buttons
blend in so well
look like im ridin on nothin
talk a lotta s*** but i aint lyin on nothin
she love my satin sheets like she lyin on nothin
weezy f baby b****
if ya dont say da baby
ya make me sick
young money baby girl
take these d***s
da new AKs got crazy grip
hottest of da hot b****
recognize da n****
lookin at my chain like ya lookin at a mirror
i aint got no lamborghini doors on dat escalade
imma just go get da lamborghini instead
down south dread
insane for da bread
dont give my name to da feds
'cause they say im so grove
im hot so stove
me and money is like khakis and polos

Why am I so fly
i dont know
why am i so high
dats da dro
is dat a CL5
oh for sho
who you got inside
some other n**** ho
Currency da hotspitta
he a g
b****es take me out to eat
and you'll be eatin b****es out
one thang about da kid
to da cold i spit
if she aint bout suckin and f***in
she aint comin to my house
n****s know how I do it
when I was in school wit my all black gucci's
sittin in da back of da class actin stupid
or in C-Murder truck takin b****es to da movies
aw naw hotspitta dog
back up in da heezy baby
he's so disrespectful to these ladies
I curse em out and all they say is
"You so crazy"