Well it's a long drive today, nothin' left to say. Too bad the sisters couldn't stay.
They've been missing for a week, from here the weapon looks clean. Too bad the older sisters are taking it home.
They've been drinkin' the weekends up, and makin' sure we all get stuck here again.
Head out and cut the line, drink blood as if it were wine, and hold the holy shroud to your bleedin' head.
They've been lighting (?) the roses up, a medal for each day that the master gives in.
Roll on the northern shore, drive from one to many more. The sisters they will cover you no more.
Oh summer cry, you are out to bleed the holy ghost again.
They've been shootin' the weekends up, making sure we've cleansed the blood from their eyes.
So climb the city walls, don't forget to call, we'd really like to hear from you again.