Yes, I know that those people are Nazis, but Im not into politics, so I dont care about it. You know, Im just hangin out with them

Nazis rule everything around me, but you sucker keep licking their a**

Another antifascist killed for his beliefs
What a shame for the country that stopped nazi beast
Life stolen by thieves, who motherf***ing gives them
right to decide who should die and who lives
But this songs not about that brown disease
Crowd of fools outta grease fill this country like fleas
Hey freeze! Its about your fishy type
Spineless scumf***s, you heard about that kid who died?
You say he was you friend, how dare you pretend
Dont you know that everybody sees blood on your hands
You ask why, but you know it even better
Cut off your slimy chatter, your lies are just getting fatter
We dont need magic glasses to see right through your lie
You were sticking with Nazis all the damn time
Hey, thats fine its a new f***ing trend
To call yourself apolitical and have nazi friends
You, two faced whore, try to get away with it
Werent that you good ol buddies who stabbed the kid
You say they are good people too, how nice of you
Pikaboo, motherf***er, did we just get a clue?!
Or werent that you who snitched a kid to the scum?!
Dont ask for the trust cause the traitors get none
Youre done, fool, go lie to your mom
You stay kneedeep in blood, you, fencewalking scum

Nazis rule everything around me
But the government keeps denying s***.

Nazis rule everything around me
But you sucka keep lickin their a**.

"I know this shows set up by Nazis, but went there because I love the music, I belong to this culture, you know."

The only culture you belong is a culture of traitors
Your words rusty like freighters, cannon fodder for dictators
All you fishy debaters are always f***ing same
You keep lying, we aint buying cause the shames on your name
You demagogical game means s*** to me, dont aim
To fool kids, cause I know youre the one to blame
You say youre not a nazi, you just make an exclusion
I got some breaking news, b****, you live in illusion
If you give them your money, your voice and your time
You become a scum faster than I come with new rhyme
Every time you pay money to the slime
Or just hanging out with them you support their hate crime
Help them grime our scene and youll never get clean
Dont try to pretend you cant get what I mean
Every cent you spend to buy stuff from nazi label
Will be used by the d***s for their hate propaganda
Or new attacks they set up to spill innocent blood
Did they thank you traitor for your help they got?!
And every second you spent shaking hands with the scum
Let them see that everyone is under their f***ing thumb
Today you let them know theyre approved by majority
Tomorrow theyre out hunting down some minorities
You coward philosophy will never beat the fact
Youre marked for whole life, you, hypocrite twat

He aint nazi himself, he just has nazi friends
This band is not Nazis, just half of the band
Check your head! are you f***ing braindead?
Or just got no balls to take a motherf***ing stand?
You hang out with Nazis and buy them some beers
Laugh at their jokes bout niggers and queers (What?!)
Why should you care about the hate they spread
About people who were crippled or beaten to death
By your fascist friends, dont even think about it
Better go to the show with some punk rock kids
Talk about DIY, unity and HARDCORE
Collect enough gossips for the message board
When the nazis start the sack youre not the one to attack
Youll never get smacked cause you know how to act
Apoliticaly you stay safe when people die
Invent a new lie while another mother cry
Nazi s*** is not politics its death pain and hate
Even if all thats preached by your good old mate
Set it straight you motherf***er lost
If you stick with some d*** makin fun of holocaust
How can you be our friend when you worse than our foes
When people get killed you cant stay between two shores
All you spineless whores are main cause of these wars
Roll away to your masters the holy race calls