You don't know me but you'd like to
Why'd you think I stood beside you?
Not concerned with how this might fall
Nature become prowl at nightfall

Dusk, thus the beginning is on until dawn
Trust regardless of the daily
Really nothings wrong
I'm still breathin' and here's another evening
From the fortress
I leave for my course of tonight's achievements
There's no grievance in my pocket
Just a couple of dollars, a pen and hopefully my wallet
Because my man over here has got the hook up at the front door
Long as my ID's right what more could they want for?
Yeah we in there
Like fluoride, off the wall on the left side
A room full of pride, I'm consumed by the tune applied
This f***in' DJ is tight man
I can already feel the minutes being added to my life span
MC Lyte paper thin drink tickets from the staff
Now it's time to make a friend and see if I can make her laugh
Hey princess, I got a lot of dialog
So I'm gonna line it up for you to get high and try to follow
Light up another false sense of security
Play a game of twenty questions
You can test my purity
And as the world comes down on me
And as I go down on her... night prowler