I'm really sorry, I just wanted to say, that I've been acting kinda crazy
Even though you wouldn't tell me your name, somehow I really thought you like me
I coulda sworn that you were winking at me, when I was peeking in your window
You didn't need to go & call the police, I'm not some kind of stalking weirdo

I'm just addicted to you
I'm just addicted to you

I really sorry about the dent in your car, I thought that BMW was your boyfriend's
Now you're acting like I'm going too far, but I know you don't really like him
I didn't mean to scare the sh*t out of you when I just showed up on your balcony
I thought just like the girl in the Jim Morrison film, you'd be impressed & fall in love with me

I don't really understand what you are sayin'
I'm so confused by all the little games you're playin'
I'm getting pretty f**kin' sick of you pretendin'

You keep pretendin' our relationship is endin'
Guess I forgot to t-t-take my medication
Makes it hard to analyze the situation
I guess my social sk- my social sk-s are lackin'
I hope this justifies the way that I've been actin' like a d*** you

How come you didn't call me Valentine's Day, when I gave you 1,000 roses?
Now you're acting like I'm some kind of freak, like I'm obsessive & compulsive

I guess I'm not the best at breaking the ice, but maybe once you get to know me
You'll see I'm really just one hell-of-a-guy, I'm just misunderstood and maybe kinda lonely
I'm really sorry about the things that I've said, somebody said you said you wish I was dead
I'm really sorry about the things that I've done, the Psychic Hotline told me you were the one for me
None of my friends are single, they've got it made, their girlfriends cook for them & then they get laid...

but I just...