Black Cat boogie all night long
Shimmy shake shimmy till ya can't go on
Red hot mama gonna shake it on down
Let your back bone slip till the break a dawn

Boogie woman lookin' mighty fine
Doin' the Black Cat boogie in a big long line
Boogie men don't hesitate
'Cause a black cat mama sure feel great

Bootie shakin' to the crazy beat
Boogie mama feel the heat
Sweatin' bodies doin' the bop
Do the Black Cat boogie at the new sock hop


Shake over here shake over there
Boogie mama with the long black hair
Shimmy out front jiggle in the back
Hard drivin' drummer don't cut no slack


Black Cat boogie in the groove
Ya can't hold still ya gotta move
When the dance is over ain't nothin' like
Haulin' a** on a motorbike