I get up every morning I don't know
Where I have been the sun beating
Down in my eyes makes it hard to
See the road I get some help from
The shady trees of yesterday there's
Only so far that shade can go before
It has to go away

I don't know where I'm going
To go tomorrow I don't know if I'm
Coming back again I don't know
Where I'm going to be tomorrow
I know where I lost my friend

Sid told me about this orange piano
That he's got in his home it gets up
And dances late at night when he
Thinks that he's alone I could learn
Everything I ever had to know listen
To Sid pound the notes out on his
Orange piano

Now I can see light where none used
To be I see blackness everywhere
And it's coming down on me now I
Can tell the hand coming down the
Wishing well is going to pick me up
And take me where I am take me
Where I want to be