Busta Rhymes Feat. Mary J. Blige, Jamie Foxx, Common & John Legend - Decision

(Jamie foxx)

Hey bus talk to em man ey tell em how you feel oh

(Mary j bilge)
I made a decision despite all the things that we go thru I'm gonna take my time with you be a friend in need I made a decision that everything's gon be all right gonna stay strong and keep it tight I'll be there indeed

(Busta Rhymes)
Yes let me talk to ya see when it feels like the sun ain't shinin bright enough it's like the devil's findin work to give an ?? and though I'm blessed I still got a handle of things I go thru it's good to have a friend with another perspective to show you someone you know that knows and gives you motivation someone that you can go to and vent your frustrations we always talk about our peeps how we be everywhere when you need em the most are they really ever there see everything be all good when we be havin fun the difference is really needin a friend and havin one it's good when your peoples is there to help your problems and helpin you smile about it by findin a way to solve em looka here let me keep it 100 and let me tell ya how you hold me down is somethin I genuinely value I got a clearer view and bein that you're always there for me I'm here 4 u

(Mary j bilge) chorus

(Busta rhymes)
Blaow how you been baby but I'm sayin even though we prolly link up every now and then with minimum convo look it's really good to see u friend so then I realize that I don't even have to mention this whether or not you got me that's sumthin I never question sometime I feel the people I love don't appreciate me and some might hate to see the s*** I been goin thru lately see u was here when the s*** started to haywire u still here walkin with me goin thru the fire and I really love u for it I know u all relate to on everything I believe and I appreciate u and just 4 that it don't matter you could put that on my name the way u rep me let me be there just 4 u the same sometimes the pressure and the pain it be wearing me out but I thank just for being there and 4 hearin me out I got a clearer view I thank god that u been there for me I'm here for u

(Jamie foxx) chorus

I look in your eye and I see the pain in it life's a game ha maybe the game did it I know I changed they say the fame did it life is change maybe the game did it 2 friends now in 2 different places in the midst of catchin planes or u catchin cases friendship we never based it on position no matter the game we both shared the same vision decisions that split in the place that life seem to hit us I would come to town and never get up with u around then things weren't so simple I had my own issues that I was tryna get thru outside chatter messin with our mental on the chase to funds the trust u kept it wit u it's the real friends that u gotta tend to no matter how far I go just know that I'm with you

(Jamie foxx) chorus