Flinching as her wavy hair hisses
Slithers around and around
Entangles her face
Nothing is to be seen
Coils of our beauty queen's reptile crown.

I can't bare to see your face without thinking kill her,
I just want my f***ing space,
I can count the six feet under ground.
I just wish you were erased.

Who'd think a mirror to your face could kill?

Your monster face chews beauty no more.

And how I'd kill to gaze my eyes upon kind recollection
Where you and I could bow
Perhaps to get along less the ugly in stone.

With all the smiles and all that's kind
Put right in your face
None could silence the sound
Of your hissing moral chorus.

Kill her, f***ing kill her,
Stick the f***ing mirror to her f***ing face,
Queen of the ugly.