Ravishing children in perilous times
Mother of harlots recanting her vice

Maelstroms... On the wings of a dove

Innocence lost
In for the kill'

Galloping thunder waving it's sword
Brother to Death in darkness is born

Perish... In the bludgeoned presence of foes

Innocence lost
In for the kill

No glory for sorrows
No solace in harlots
No sunlight in shadows
No comfort embracing the dead

Fiery red fury unleashing it's might
Drowning the laughter of ages to come

Silence... As the megatons fall

Ashes to ash
Dust turns to dust

Nuclear winters yearning for dawn
Stealing the life out of every last breath

Vanish... In the mist of a gangrenous gaze

Ashes to ash
Dust turns to dust

No whispering sorrows
Find comfort in harlots
Unveiling the horrors
Consumed by conflict and strife

And now as the trees start to tremble
Deepening damnation, the rolling bell
Running with wolves, moribund conscripts are waiting to die
Lest cowards may horde the sunset that fades in the west

Ashes, ashes, ashes
Dust turn to dust
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