What fuels this?
The money question asked
Let's see...
What burns here?
Not a pretty thing to see
I've got to tell you already
Out of clich├ęs to sell you
What's the point anyway
Of giving a name so much to say?
Are we coming out loud and clear?
I'm too hyped up to see a thing from here
The door was halfway open
And we kicked it down
The more we saw it in our hands we felt
Like it was something so laid out
Like all the plans we've made
So no explanation rewarded
We are moving on to the next song
At the moment all I can say
To kill the time has an excuse from everyday
It's the best way
Hopefully you clicked
And now the songs name... it's on!
So many questions... I've got one of my own
How does it feel when we blow up like this?