One year ago today, Might have saved a life.
Sentimental now, regrets all to the spine.

Never ending piece of torment fly my way.
It happens to be my own past.
Pleased to meet you my destiny,

Remember what you did as a child when you were all afraid.
When darkness scares you you close your eyes, and peak between the fingers.
Don't fear the dark in your hands and you will be saved.
Just don't you peak, just don't you peak.

Come save one life.
Only for your own needs.

Death's not a praise for lost in the childhood. Forget all the dolls.
You've got to save a breath. for times your mother died.
Don't worry 'bout none.

Fear is easy when it's done afterwards.
Regret is an empty word, in the mouth of a liar.

Now it's my time to go around, and stop whining and kill the time.
It's actually selfish regret.

So how are you, i'm still standing, and i'm still right here.
Nothing breaks, nothing saves, and im still right here.