busta rhymes intro
ayo somebody tell steven speilberg & george lucas
thank you for directing this movie (hahahaha) (hashemeke hayla ha-its the remix!)

chorus x2
Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim, Alhumdulillahi Rabil A'lameen,
We gettin' da daa money (hahha), (oooo) We gettin' da daa money

Busta rhymes verse
you can talk about your money but i really dont care
im into coppin streets s*** im trying to buy air
im the first black n**** that i rap trillionaire
i control heat i'm bout to buy the ozone layer
im into coppin minerals now diamonds and granite
so much paper i could probably gift wrap a planet
and clone a million janet's respect my company
asalamalaikumarahmatullahe wa barakatuhu

chorus x2

p diddy

ayo busta we gettin this money for a long time mayne
check this out
allahamdulliah with my billions pilin
im just wildin, bought two islands
lakshmi makalen
diamond soundin
bout to buy japan, trick im just stylin
money insane
my generals poppin bottle
i was buyin out planes just to fly around spain
f*** a recession im still investin
bout to buy dubai and swim in the shark section
get the dark section (its the remix)
b**** thats the barack section

chorus x2 (we gettin bad boy money)

Ron browz verse

catch me in da coop that cost a hundred thous,
hakala shikmina lady ron browz
my money make noise yours quite as a mouse
send a email in da boyz in da house
all da girls love me, ya pop bubbly.
hakalashikrhi shorty damn ugly
findin me in the dance floor doin the dougie
trucks sittin too next to yo buggy

chorus x2

swizz beats verse

dont even call me swizz no more
call me kaseem dean ?
when i come thru hit you with the brand new
buggati coupe, damn thing only only sits 2
but you know who who ridin in my passenger
side with me flyin s*** 2.5 in it, hey hey hey
im in my jeezy watchin tv she call me her habibi
while she feedin me linguini
left right left right and arab dance poppin right
swizz beats busta, money money buss pipes

chorus x2

tpain's verse

Nappy Boy (halalalla)
i let my chain hang down with the best of dem
teddy pain rain down on the rest of dem
misses troopa man heavy holly
get em man, about a man, rubber band, droppin money
bombs like a taliban (hallalla) we gettin arab money (money)
u want this hook you gon' pay dat money
save dat money give it to my kids, ill take that hundred
give her all my kids like (hallalallalalalallaaaaaaaaaa swag)

chorus x2 (swaggg swagg)

akon's verse

akon, konvikt, (we gettin arab money swag tpain yelling we gettin arab money)
i got dat arab money (money)
four- star bismillahirahmanirahim
straight cash wanna keep on comin
lemme exchange da currency coz its so foreign
i got dat arab money (money) makin upto 5 kind
your minds on the money, diamond mine still runnin
on all of africa you can ask tarzan

chorus x1 (heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy)
senegal! (we gettin arab money)
senegal! (we gettin arab money)
chorus x1 (heyyyyyyyyyy)
konvikt (we gettin arab money) (alright boyz)
konvikttttt musikkk (we gettin arab money)

lil wayne's verse
khaled dar say gettin money errday
his smile look like iced out perrier
bury me a g and tell ma kids that i was
now jump into ya grave do you dig what i dug
cash money universe, my old town check
20 chains look like a scarf on my neck
young money entertainment the girls theyre fine
(and buck a motherf***a money hall of fame) (arab money)

chorus x2