These burning halogen lights cause cancer in laboratory mice.
I read that somewhere. You know, it could be true.
Why don't you flip the switch so we can start our stupid fight?
In the dark you can picture me any way you want to.

Come out from behind your razor blades.
Try to be sensitive for a change.
There's got to be more to life than sifting through this garbage.
Through the blip that became the bombshell,
I'm the woman that became your chick.
But I don't need this.
I'll scissors-paper-rock you for the kleenex.

Nature doesn't abhor a vacuum just to hear itself suck.
And that's why a fool like me,
that's why a fool like me,
That's why a chick like me always falls in love
with a jerk like you.

You know you could get a tapeworm from running around barefoot in the grass like that.
Yeah, well you could be arrested for singing all your slanderous lies.
Hey, I try to tell the truth, just in little digestible pieces at a time.
You call that the truth? That's not the truth, and that's why you'll never open your eyes.

Don't march off half-c***ed, love, next time.
Don't fall down half-blind.
You can still pretend you're a genius,
but I know I'm a loser.

Check out the innocent kids playing four-square
under the sour streetlight.
They're to young to know Judy Garland died in ruby slippers.
But I'll tell you right now, I'm not gonna die in no ruby slippers.

Well the heart abhors a vacuum my ma used to say.
And that's why a fool like me
that's why a fool like me
That's why a jerk like me always runs away.