At this black night I become a vampire, for the Master of the Life and Death. I turn off the darkness and I become the vampire that my mind creates, burnin' in passions in the persecution of everythin' that I want.

I leave the restrictions of the wrong way; I'm lookin' forward to use my free will to control my destiny. Now I win the tests and the tribulations of the left hand's way.

I myself fill with essence of the vampire power: to be invisible, even under the scaldin' sun, to know when be silent and when pray, to explore my mind entirely. I come undone of this curse! I expel demons in Your name and I want the lives of the wrong way, my will is impenetrable.

Fall, hell gates! With the presence of the Lord, I proclaim I'm vampire; I'll be true to my chosen Way and myself. Save the justice! Save the Lord of the Justice!