Spirit of the Moon remembers!
Princes of the darkness obey me!
In name of the covenant sworn
The Lord of the Hiding place and me
We declared end to the death.

By the profundities of the hell
Be eternally arrested;
Before the unhappy creatures
Be ashamed.

Lord, God of Gods
Owner of the life, You're exalted!
To the guardian of the portals four they listen to me!
You don't have authority on the Earth, obey me!
Close now the portals or be died.
The Lord of the war will invade with the army
And will hurt all in agreement with the pact.

Gate of the great gates, open up in front of me.
Master of the portal gives order to yours elects.
The night will turn into blood
Consume with fire, play them in the lake.
The sulfur will consume and burn them eternally
Spirit of the Moon die agonizing!