Listen, Baby, dady really makes you feel sick
Speed up, sweety, you just have time to wear your lipstick
Cum on baby doll
I bring you to the world
Where candies have a taste made for the girls of your age

Ain't no love
Like my love
And with a girl like you, be sure it is pure
Feel the wind
In your face
16 years old, well I don't give a f***

True girls, True girls are sixteen
True girls, True girls are sixteen
So much to learn So much to teach
True girls, True girls are sixteen

I know people say a lot of things about me
But have you ever met an evil guy so kindly
Has anyone
Even your dad
Given you that love so much easily

Ride my bike
Hold on my spike
Can it be so good with the boys of your school?!
Feel the freedom
Forget your Mum
She just wanna be the princess of my kingdom