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Subject: 10AM Taiwan news
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in local news ...

The government has announced a 320-billion N-T dollar job creation plan.

The move comes as the island's unemployment rate continues to rise due to
thousands of recent layoffs and company closures caused by the global
economic slowdown.

According to a spokesperson for the Ma Administration ... the plan is
expected to create at least 150-thousand jobs this year and cut the
unemployment rate by 0.5-percentage points to 4.5-per cent.

The spokesman said President Ma Ying-jeou believes that without immediate
action the island's unemployment rate could rise above 6-per cent.

It currently stands at just over 5-per cent.

The spokesman added that the job-creation plan includes public projects,
temporary work placements and some 30-thousand jobs for migrant foreign

The statements follow comments by Labor Minister Wang Ru-xuan, who warned
that both the economic slowdown and unemployment rate are unlikely to improve
in the near future.

Wang also said that while last year was bad, this year is going to be worse.

The plan been criticized, even by members of the K-M-T.

Some K-M-T lawmakers say most of the island's unemployment is due to closures
and lay-offs from with the information technology industries ... and it would
be difficult for such people to take jobs on construction sites.


Meanwhile .....

The D-P-P is also blasting the job creation plan .. saying that the move is
politically motivated and aimed more at stemming decreasing support for the
Ma Administration ... rather that actually fixing the issue of rising

According to D-P-P Chairwoman Cai Ying-wen, the government should create job
opportunities of -- what she called -- "substantive meaning,"

Cai says that spending 320-billion N-T dollars on short-term job creation
fails to address the real problem ... and is a waste of national resources.


In related news ......

The Council of Labor Affairs says that the number of people who applied for
unemployment benefits on the first workday following the Lunar New Year
holiday was 30 times higher than last year.

According to C-L-A officials, initial estimates show that the number of
people eligible for unemployment subsidies at 11 of the nation's major
employment service centers totaled 12,854 ... compared to only 441 last

Some 16-thousand people crowded government-operated employment service
centers yesterday ... with most applying for unemployment benefits.

The nation's jobless rate stood at 5.03-percent at the end of December -- the
highest rate since October of 2003.


Subject: gaza
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in international news ...

Israel carried out air strikes and Palestinians launched mortar bomb attacks
yesterday ... despite a ceasefire in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip.

A Hamas spokesman says it would be prepared to stop attacks for a year ... if
a deal could be reached on lifting Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip and
reopening border crossings.

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has promised a "disproportionate" military
response to continuing rocket salvoes.

Palestinian militants have described their rocket launches as payback for
fresh Israeli attacks.

But the Israeli defence minister has signaled Israel would not get involved
in an all-out war.


Subject: nkorea
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North Korea appears to be preparing to test-launch its longest range
ballistic missile.

This comes just days after Pyongyang warned that the Korean peninsula was on
the brink of war, and said last week that it was canceling all agreements
with South Korea.

Analysts say the move was aimed at pressuring Seoul and grabbing the
attention of new U.S. President Barack Obama.

The North has recently repeatedly threatened to destroy the conservative
government of South Korean President Lee Myung-bak.

Lee had ended a decade of aid to the North after taking office a year ago.

However, South Korea has mostly ignored threats from the north.


Subject: holder
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in news from the U-S ...

The Senate has confirmed Eric Holder as U.S. attorney general.

This puts him in position to oversee President Barack Obama's plans to
restructure U.S. legal policy in the war on terrorism.

Holder was a deputy attorney general under former President Bill Clinton, and
will be sworn in as the first black U.S. attorney general.


Subject: bird
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After a plane emergency landed in the Hudson River in New York last month,
pilots are pushing for bird-detecting radar.

The AP's Sandy Kozel reports.



Subject: Weather ...AM ...
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----- clear skies w/ a high of 25 in the north.
----- cloudy skies and possible showers w/ highs of between 23 and 26 along
the east coast.
----- clear skies w/ a high of 25 in the center ...
----- and clear skies w/ a high of 26 in the south ....

Current temperatures ....

Taipei --- 18

Taichung --- 18

Gaoxiong --- 22


Subject: 10AM EZ News Outro
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That's EZ News at 10. I'm _____