Golden wheat of fields don't even
Wave and rustle on the wind
Over dark gigantic forest
Deadly snowstorm quickly spins

Frozen air covers the rivers
With its chilling breath of cold
Icebound water stops its running
Lurking beyond white stronghold

Blizzard steps away at midnight
Leaves behind its snow-white trace
Light is shining from firmament
Silver moon shows its pale face

Grey fir-trees stand on a hill-top
Old oaks show their leafless boughs
Glacial rocks cover white slopes
Between frozen brooks and ponds

Sunrays shine but warm no more
Shapely birch looks like a ghost
And the northern wind starts blowing
It shall bring the arctic frost

Now it comes, embrace of winter
We see its congealing pace
Dark wood falls asleep in snow-bed
To awake in first warm days