[Ima piss on your face,]
[And Ima fart in your mouth, yeah,]
[Then Ima s*** on these balls right here, oh!]

I remember business before it gets too deep enough.
I remember when your walls you walk close.
In bitterness, constraint onward,
In bitterness, game on...

Look what you've done,
You've gone to play the man again.
Look what you've got,
A mindless work load,
A tasteless dog,
Morning wood,
A stabing end and your alone...

I love your...nice surprise.
You'll get it one day for yourself,
Fuller...a nice surprise.

We bow our heads,
Over and over and over again.
Off with her head
When will it end?
I'll be seeing your f***ing faces soon,
Sooner then you know.
Night falls to the grace of what we know,
Praise all the pretty girls.
We'll bide alone of what we know,
By and by to the grace of what we know.
Needles spin to the drop of flow.