It was great
When it all began
I was a regular Frank Fan
But it was over when he had the plan
To start working on a muscle-man
Now the only thing that gives me hope
Is my love of certain dope
Rose tints my world keeps me
Safe from my trouble and pain.

I'm just seven hours old
truly beautiful to behold
And somebody should be told
My libido hasn't been controlled
Now the only thing I've come to trust
Is an orgasmic rush of lust
Rose tints my world keeps me
Safe from my trouble and pain.

It's beyond me
Help me mommy
I'll be good you'll see
Take this dream away
What's this, let's see
I feel sexy
What's come over me
Here it comes again.

I feel released
Bad times deceased
My confidence has increased
Reality is here
The game has been disbanded
My mind has been expanded
It's a gas that Frankie's landed
His lust is so sincere

What ever happened to Fay Wray
That delicate satin draped frame
As it clung to her thigh
How I started to cry
For I wanted to be dressed just the same.

Give yourself over to absolute pleasure
Swim the warm waters of sins of the flesh
Erotic nightmares beyond any measure
And sensual daydreams to reasure forever -
Can't you just see it.

Don't dream it - Be it
Don't dream it - Be it
Don't dream it - Be it

Hmm ... We've got to get out of this trap
Before this decadence saps our wills
I've got to be strong and try to hang on
Or my mind may well snap
And my life will be lived for the thrills

It's beyond me
Help me mommy

God bless Lilly St. Cyr.


I'm a wild and an untamed thing
I'm a bee with a deadly sting
Get a hit, and your mind goes ping
Your heart'll thump and your blood will sing
So let the party and the sounds rock on
Gonna shake it till the life has gone
Rose tint my world
Keep me safe from my trouble and pain.

Frank n Furter
It's all over
Your mission is a failure
Your life style's too extreme
I'm your new commander
You are now my prisoner
We return to Transalvania
Prepare the transit beam.