82nd Radio Show (OA January 20th 2008)
Yamada Ryosuke x Nakajima Yuto

Nakajima: Good evening, this is HS7's Nakajima Yuto!

Yamada: Good evening, this is Yamada Ryosuke. YES

Nakajima: Yama chan!

Yamada: Yes?

Nakajima: You're all smiley

Yamada: Yes!

Nakajima: Such a cutie

Naka-Jima: It's cold

Nakajima: Right?

Yamada: It's cold

Nakajima: It has been lately so people in Kendo club are doing their famous winter training in this cold

Yamada: yeah yeah yeah

Nakajima: Wouldn't that suck? Isn't it cold?

Yamada: They also run in this cold too

Nakajima: Yeah, I heard they run in this cold

Yamada: I can't believe it, I wouldn't be able to stand it~

Nakajima: It's not possible

Yamada: I wouldn't be able to stand it~

Nakajima: We'll be frozen in no time

Yamada: But didn't you have these kinds of thing when you were in Karate?

Nakajima: Nah, we didn't go that far but um we borrowed the school's gym so

Yamada: Yeah, it must been cold

Nakajima: It was cold! You're also bare footed too

Yamada: The floor of the gym is always cold

Nakajima: Exactly. Then, they'll make us clean the floor with rags

Yamada: That's outrageous

Nakajima: My feet were so cold, it sucked. Mornings are especially cold

Yamada: Yeah

Nakajima: It's not so easy to get out of your futon either. You get out really slow too

Yamada: For me, even if I get out of the futon, I'll just go where everyone is with my blanket still on me. I'm really lazy

Nakajima: That's a good one!

Yamada: I'm really lazy in the morning

Nakajima: I'd get out really fast and put my socks on right away saying "it's cold, it's cold, it's cold"

Yamada: That's like a grandma

Nakajima: Then quickly get dressed

Yamada: Wow, you are like a grandma

Nakajima: Excuse me but I am a Heisei born

Yamada: Getting up right away saying "Ahhh, where are my socks at?"

Nakajima: I really do get dressed right away 'cause it's cold, it's really cold

Yamada: You really are like some grandma

Nakajima: But it is really cold out. Please be careful not to catch a cold everyone

Yamada: Yup

Nakajima: Let's start then!

Yamada: Of course

Yama-Jima: HS7 UltraPower


Nakajima: Today is that corner which you get to enjoy our acts

Yamada: We'd like to act it out with all our best

Nakajima: Yup!

Yamada: Yup!



Nakajima: YAY

Yamada: Yatta!

Yamada: Well, in this corner we are waiting for phrases you want us to say

Nakajima: Yes

Yamada: We'd like to say phrases we wouldn't usually say

Nakajima: Oh, then Yama chan first

Yamada: Sure

Nakajima: I'll have you do this. This is penname Shadow Girls, Shadow Girls

Yamada: Shadow Girls, not Shadow Boy

Nakajima: They are competing with us now

Yamada: Damn

Nakajima: "Good evening. We are 2nd year middle school students who loves HSJ's Yamada kun and Nakajima kun"

Yamada: Ah Thank you!

Nakajima: Thanks! "I have a phrase I want Yamada kun to say"

Yamada: Yes?

Nakajima: That's, this one

Yamada: This is a little...

Nakajima: It says here to say it in Kansai dialect. Then, please go ahead Yamada kun

Yamada: In Kansai dialect? That's hard... "Aren't the words on the board really small? I can't see it"

Nakajima: Okay

Yamada: I'm not sure this is right, I don't know much about Kansai dialects

Nakajima: Kansai dialects are hard to understand

Yamada: But! But! When we went to Hawaii with Kansai Jrs

Nakajima: Ahh!

Yamada: Remember we were there for 10 days with them

Nakajima: We were, we were

Yamada: I picked up Kansai dialect when I came home

Nakajima: Yeah yeah, naturally

Yamada: We were told by everyone

Nakajima: Just naturally. It's amazing how it can influence anyone

Yamada: Well well

Nakajima: But it was good

Yamada: Really?

Nakajima: "I can't see" is a little hard [to say]

Yamada: I can't see

Nakajima: I can't see

Yamada: It's a bit hard

Yama-Jima: I can't see

Nakajima: Sounded a little weird. I can't believe how well they can say it

Yamada: Hmm

Nakajima: It says "P.S. It must be tough to juggle exams and work together but please do your best"

Yamada: Okay

Nakajima: Thank you, people send in funny stuff

Yamada: Yeah, I guess

Nakajima: But I like girls who talk in Kansai dialect

Yamada: Ah

Nakajima: Do you know? How it sounds really cute

Yamada: Me? I guess it sounds new to us

Nakajima: Yeah

Yamada: There aren't many girls with Kansai dialect 'cause we're in Tokyo

Nakajima: Exactly

Yamada: We even get "Woah!" even with guys

Nakajima: Yeah yeah

Yamada: Keito sometimes use it since he was born in Osaka

Nakajima: Oh yeah, unintentionally

Yamada: Then we're like "WHAAT?"

Nakajima: "Whatever-yanen" "EH?"

Yamada: You're not supposed to say "-yanen"

Nakajima: Yeah, it's crazy

Yamada: You really do get surprised by that

Nakajima: Yeah

Yamada: Yuto kun will do the next one

Nakajima: Me?

Yamada: This is from penname Ayumin and Hime san

Nakajima: Ayumin and Hime san

Yamada: Yup

Nakajima: Ok

Yamada: "Good evening everyone"

Nakajima: Good evening!

Yamada: "I enjoy listening to you guys every day. A phrase I want you to say is" This. Please say this, Yuto kun. This is pretty unique

Nakajima: Really?

Yamada: Yes

Nakajima: Okay, got it. Here it is

Yamada: Go ahead

Nakajima: "Renaissance! Hey!Say!7 is awesome-yanaika~i HAHAHAHA !"

Yamada: Well that "HAHAHAHA"

Nakajima: Yeah, the "HAHAHA"

Yamada: Was our own touch and we just used it without permission

Nakajima: Yeah? Higuchi san, Higuchi kun said that

Yamada: Yup, in a Hige Danshaku way

Nakajima: Yup, Hige Danshaku san..

Yamada: Way. You said it before me

Nakajima: Really?

Yamada: yeah

Nakajima: I knew it the moment I saw "renaissance~!" it's really popular right now

Yamada: It is popular right now

Nakajima: That "Renaissance" thing. They are really funny

Yamada: That was precious

Nakajima: Sure is

Yamada: You might do it in the dressing room but you'd never do it outside

Nakajima: I wouldn't. I won't get any laughs

Yamada: You really won't get any laughs

Nakajima: Wouldn't be as funny... I can only get laughs in situation like this

Yamada: That was just because it was from Hige Danshaku san

Nakajima: yeah

Yamada: Well

Nakajima: Well

Yamada: That was very precious

Nakajima: It was precious

Yamada: Yup yup yup

Nakajima: My "renaissance"

Yamada: Yup. Well, please keep sending us fun phrases. This was HEY!SAY!WORDS

Nakajima: Please listen to a song for now, it's HSJ's

Yama-Jima: Deep Night Kimi wo Omou


Nakajima: It's already time to go, Yamada san!

Yamada: Ahh, yes yes... it's sad

Nakajima: It is sad

Yamada: It's sad-yanaika~i!

Nakajima: Ha ha ha ha.. haha

Yamada: Well, for this show

Nakajima: That's hard to tell

Yamada: People can't tell! We did a little toast right now

Nakajima: Yeah

Yamada: Hmm. Well, many things happened today but we are still waiting for your mails for this show

Nakajima: Yup, the address is...

Yamada: From phrases that are "I wonder if they'd say this" to any phrases, please keep sending us more without hesitation

Nakajima: Yup! This was HS7's Nakajima Yuto and

Yamada: Yamada Ryosuke

Yama-Jima: See you tomorrow